TATTOO CARE Duo Set, 35 g + 35 g


The best tattoo protection set for your tattoos. Made from selected natural ingredients and minerals that will make your experience after getting a fresh tattoo a lot easier. Perfect combination also for maintaining and care of your existing tattoos. Classic was our first ointment and it already has the status of a legend, and Black Rose has become a culture symbol due to its light scent and rebellious character. Both together are the best choice for your tattoo.

Duo superpowers:

  • Actively help your skin in the processes of renewal
  • Relieve irritation and redness immediately after tattooing
  • Deeply moisturize your skin and maintain tattoo color vibrancy
  • Maintain a fresh and well-groomed appearance and restores skin shine
  • Provide more complete and lasting protection than conventional tattoo creams
  • Dermatologically tested and made from natural ingredients


Quick answer, because it’s our best combination of ointments for care and protection of fresh and existing tattoos. Both ointments in the package are of top quality, made from natural ingredients and entirely produced in our own production facility in Slovenia.

Classic and Black Rose ointments can be used on fresh or existing tattoos. In the case of a fresh tattoo, they will help your skin with its restoration process and reduce the irritation and redness of the skin caused by tattooing. In the case of existing tattoos, our ointments will help you protect and deeply moisturize the part of the skin in which your tattoo is located. This will help make the colors more intense again, restore the shine and give your tattoo that cared for look. By choosing the DUO set, you will get two premium ointments designed especially for tattoo protection. With DUO you can try both of our ointments and decide which suits you better. The only difference between the two is that Black Rose contains a gentle scent of Aloe Vera which makes it smell divine because, while Classic has no added fragrances and has only a gentle scent of its natural ingredients.

FAQ – frequently asked questions

The difference between Tattoo Care Classic and Tattoo Care Black Rose ointment is that Tattoo Care Classic ointment does not contain any added fragrance and has only gentle scent of its natural ingredients. Tattoo Care Black Rose ointment contains a light Aloe Vera fragrance that makes it smell fresh and divine. Both ointments offer the same effectiveness.

Yes. Tattoo Care ointments were developed by pharmacists in collaboration with professional tattoo artists. The emphasis was to develop a highly effective ointment for tattoo care that can be used from day 1. Tattoo care ointments are made from natural ingredients that deeply moisturize your skin and accelerate its regeneration, soothe and nourish it and reduce redness caused by tattooing procedure. Before applying the ointment to a fresh tattoo for the first time, gently rinse the tattoo with lukewarm water (without the use of soap). Dry it in the air or dry it gently with a paper towel. With clean hands, apply a thin layer of Tattoo Care ointment and repeat this procedure at least 3 times a day. Because the structure of an ointment is denser than cream, try applying it with blotting or patting on your tattoo (letting it warm from your body heat for a moment) and then gently spread it.

The difference between ointments and creams is in the structure and share of ingredients in them which has impact on their later use and benefits. Ointments contain more oils (80 % oils and 20 % water) and creams usually contain equal shares of both (50 % oils and 50 % water). Due to containing more water, creams are easier to spread (the ones containing the most water are also the ones that are easiest to spread) and are less greasy but are also easier to wash away and mostly protect only the outer layer of your skin. Ointments penetrate more deeply into the layer of skin called dermis (where your tattoo is) and nourish it more effectively from the inside while also creating a protection layer on outer layer of your skin, which helps it stay moisturized longer. That is why ointments are better moisturizers, work more efficiently and are in most cases better option for your tattoo than a cream.

Yes. Formulation for Tattoo Care ointments has been dermatologically tested for all skin types and can be used for sensitive skin. For extra sensitive skin we recommend you use Tattoo Care Classic as it was developed especially for that purpose.

Due to their structure and natural ingredients Tattoo Care Black Rose and Classic are highly recommended for restoring and preserving your tattoos. They will deeply moisturize your skin and help it rejuvenate faster. Your tattoo will look refreshed, shinier and the colors will become more vivid. With regular use you can ensure it stays that way for a long time. Nevertheless, if your tattoos are too damaged (discoloration), ointments will still help a bit, but do not expect your tattoo to look like new again.

All Tattoo Care brand ointments are made by Tattoo Care team in our own manufacture which is located in Slovenia in European Union. In that way we support our people and local economy and can ensure that every product meets our strict quality standards.