Established in 1993 in Slovenia (European Union), we are an independent and family-owned skin care products manufacturer. We specialize in manufacture of innovative and high-quality products for skin care. All our products are made in our own manufacturing facilities located in Slovenia (EU). We use only the best natural ingredients that are sourced from the most respected raw material suppliers located in European Union.


TATTOO CARE is a MAKRA KOZMETIKA brand. It was established in 2016 in Slovenia EU. Our main goal was to create high-quality products for skin protection made especially for tattooed skin as all the other products on the market were not very effective or suitable for tattoo skin care. We didn’t want to create another cream, butter, or lotion, which are all good, but offer only basic outer skin layer care. We wanted something more, something that offers more complete and effective care. Building on our experience in creating and manufacturing skin care products for 30 years and with the help from the most distinguished specialists in in the field of pharmacy and skin protection, we created Tattoo Care line of products.


Tattoo Care ointments are high-quality and high-effective skin care products made especially for tattooed skin. They are made from natural ingredients and offer complete skin and tattoo protection. Tattoo Care products are different as they are ointments. They are not creams, butter products or lotions – as are most of the products on the market today. As ointments our products offer superior properties, that ordinary creams, butter, or lotions cannot offer. Our products actively help skin regenerate faster, offer better outer skin layer protection + deeper skin moisturization (most important), longer lasting and more complete protection, have more skin nourishing ingredients, more vitamins and minerals, and are water-resistant, to name just a few superior properties in comparison to creams, butter products or lotions.


Now that we are done with the formalities. Let me introduce myself. My name is Jasna and I am the founder of Tattoo Care brand. Tattoo Care brand is now a part of company Makra kozmetika which was started by my parents in 1993 and is entirely family owned. Makra kozmetika is specialized for production of high-quality skin protection products, which has helped me a lot, with founding Tattoo Care. It all started when I was diagnosed with Scoliosis of the spine. If you wonder what that is, it’s the condition where your spine is curved sideways (S-shaped). 

Because of the difficulties my condition had brought me I had to undergo a dangerous spine surgery, which could have left me paralyzed. It all fortunately went OK, but because of the surgery I was left with the scar running all along the length of my back. The scar bothered me a lot because it was not nice to look at. That led me to an idea, to cover the scar with a tattoo. And there I was with a big tattoo that needed aftercare. I tried aftercare ointments one after another and my tattoo still wasn’t healing as I hoped. I ended up trying every tattoo aftercare product I could find (all together 11) and my tattoo still itched and didn’t feel moisturized. If I would judge it only by that experience, I would give up on tattoos. It just wasn’t worth it. My bad experience with aftercare creams had me thinking and led me to an idea to develop a product that would offer complete and high effective care. Luckily, I had everything I needed as my family was already manufacturing skin protection ointments. With their professional knowledge and with collaboration with pharmacists and the best tattoo artists, we created high-quality and high-effective ointments brand Tattoo Care.